Lobelia Herb

Lobelia Herb

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Lobelia is one of the greatest herbs ever given to the world. Lobelia is a general corrector of the whole system, as it is easily diffused and able to influence the entire body. Lobelia is an efficient relaxant, and is believed to be the best counter-irritant known to mankind. Its action is felt immediately on the serious, mucous, muscular and nervous systems, especially the sympathetic nervous systems. As a powerful antispasmodic, lobelia is effective in causing immediate relaxation and expansion of the contracted parts of the respiratory system (bronchial tubes, esophagus, glottis and larynx). This allows the "breath of life" (oxygenized blood) to flow freely to the de-energized tissues. Lobelia's wonderful healing effects are due to the herb's great ability to remove obstruction and congestion within the body, especially the blood vessels. It lessens the depression through the vaso-motor and strengthens the muscular action of the vessel walls which propel the blood, and thus promotes health. Over years of practice, lobelia has been administered many times, and there have been numerous miraculous healings.

Lobelia is a selective herb. When a fetus is dead, or in an extremely weakened condition, lobelia will cause it to abort. However, if the fetus is well and healthy, and the mother is weak, it will cause the mother to heal and strengthen, enabling her to carry the child until the proper time of delivery. Lobelia accurately and intelligently selects which way it is to go. It is truly a "thinking" herb.

The belief that lobelia is a dangerous poison (including the statement in Joseph Meyer's The Herbalist, that "lobelia is too dangerous for internal use by the unskilled") has no basis in fact. This misrepresentation began with Dr. Thomson's amazing success as a rustic herbal doctor. His achievements exposed the then-current deceit and fraud in orthodox inorganic theories and practices. This incited professional jealousy, and caused a loss of money and prestige to the "craft." In addition, when Dr. Thomson could not be easily removed from the scene by the usual maneuver of filing "malpractice" charges, the enraged profession vengefully organized to legislate their craft as the only legal medical practice.

So successfully did he (Dr. Thomson) use it, that the regulars of his day classed it a poison, as some writers said only a poison could bring about the speedy results that Dr. Thomson obtained by its use. If the student goes to buy a one-ounce package of the herb from the drug store, he will find it label led poison, and in practically all the official works such as B.P., the C.P., the U.S.P. and the American Dispensatory, etc., it is classed as a poison.

Place in recumbent position, empty stomach if vomiting has not been free, give tannin, cardiac and respiratory stimulants, strychnine, , the baine, alcohol, digitalis, atropine or belladonna, digitalis (sic), morphine, artificial heat, ergot or castor oil.

A 1-3 foot tall annual. It contains a milky sap, much branched with an erect, angular, hairy stem. The alternate, hairy leaves with obvious veins are lanceolate and bluntly serrate. Pale violet, tubular flowers have a 2-lipped corolla with 2 erect upper lobes and 3 spreading lower lobes, occurring rather far apart in loose spike-like racemes. As flowers mature, an inflated ovoid pod is formed, containing numerous small brown seeds. Found throughout eastern and central U.S. in fields, waste areas.

It is a antispasmodic, diaphoretic, diuretic, emetic, expectorant, and sedative. The whole plant is used to treat asthma, whooping cough, fevers, sore throats, and to induce vomiting. It is used in lozenges, patches and chewing gums to appease the need for nicotine without addictive effects. Considered toxic. Use only with professional medical advise.

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